Text by: Mara Lee

Language: Swedish, Russian, English

Publisher: Khimaira förlag

Publ. Year: 2011

Binding: hardcover

Pages: 160

Illustrations: 70 color

Width x height: 240 x 265 (mm)

ISBN: 9789163379116

Trade edition: Limited to 1000 copies

Special edition: Limited to 70 copies,

signed, numbered, including print

Design: Anders Malmströmer

Translation: Dimitri Plaks, Janina Pedan

Printed by Göteborgstryckeriet

With support from: Kulturrådet

"Stereo_typ" by Misha Pedan is the result of an exploring work over a long period of time. The black and white images, subtly colorized, are connected in image-couples and put together according to association and form. "Stereo_typ" poses a significant question - what emerges in these combinations? - but also provides different answers with each image-couple. The answers touch upon both temporal aspects: before/after, dawn/dusk, now and then, and spatial aspects: panning, movement, outside/inside, closeness/distance, up/down. Misha Pedan plays with photographic conventions and different attitudes are posed against each other but are still retained within the same motif and frame.

stereo_typ was nominated as one of the best books 2011/2012 in LE BAL, Paris

              stereo_typ was nominated as one of the best Swedish photobooks 2012